The industry has evolved, and so has our 20 Group

This isn't your grandfather's 20-Group

Remember when you just had to throw up some balloons and take out an ad in the local newspaper in order to fill your lot with prospective buyers? The retail automotive industry is rapidly evolving and dealers have to be prepared to adapt in order to stay profitable.  Whether your dealership is large or small, profitable or not, ConSept offers a wide array of financial consulting and operational training services that will improve the bottom line as well as customer satisfaction.

After our 20 Group moderators ensure that your team is familiar with the financial statement, they will isolate areas of immediate opportunity. Once focal points are set, we constantly monitor your improvement with our intense goal-tracking process.  Ownership and management will be held accountable for achieving their objectives, often through monthly goal monitoring web sessions.  We recognize that change is hard, but we don’t succeed unless you succeed. More than any other 20 Group provider, Consept holds you accountable because we also hold ourselves accountable.

We also help our clients focus on the areas that are driving the market today and in the future, such as utilizing the internet for lead generation, reputation building for sustainable floor traffic, training professionals for tomorrow, and reaching out to a new generation of customers.  Of course, we also recognize that some of the most important foundations for sustainable profitability haven’t changed for decades.  Consept works hard to balance traditional process with modern strategies in order to offer the most effective support available.

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