What Makes Consept 20 Groups Different?

The Next Generation of 20-Groups

Consept’s mission is to provide its clients with the opportunity to significantly improve every aspect of their operation through education, innovation and knowledge sharing. We accomplish this better than anyone by adapting the traditional 20 Group model to better fit today’s retail environment. Specifically, Consept Groups:

Bring Management into the Fold – We include department managers in our meetings, making sure all the decision makers are on the same page. Our groups are designed to expose profitability shortcomings and opportunities right now, without selling another vehicle or writing another repair order. By including managers in group discussions we can develop the proper level of comprehension, buy-in and motivation at all levels of leadership in your organization. Managers will assess their performance and undergo honest appraisals of their success (or lack thereof).

Demand Accountability – We believes that most problems originate from a deficiency of execution, not a deficiency of knowledge. To counter this, Consept groups set meaningful, attainable goals and our moderators provide all the support necessary to achieve them. Many groups hold monthly goal-monitoring meetings via web conferencing, and those that fail to reach their objective will have to explain why to the group.

Offer Flexible Options – Sending your staff to live meetings is extremely valuable but can also be costly (both in terms of actual expense and time spent out of the dealership). These costs can be especially overwhelming for small-market dealers. We counter this by offering web meetings either as the primary medium or to supplement less frequent live meetings.

Have a Direct, Objective Approach – Consept stands out in the management consulting industry by providing hard-hitting meeting sessions. Our moderators are experts at analyzing the composite in order to isolate missed profit opportunities, and we are not afraid to ask the tough questions to drive performance.

Limit Membership – Most of our competitors fill groups with too many members, which makes meeting discussions drag on and limits the amount of time focused on you. Our groups usually have between 8-12 members, providing exposure to different strategies and ideas while giving everyone a voice.

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