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Reinforcement Of Value

I was finishing up a purchase at a local supermarket the other day when the cashier told me not only the amount I owed, but told me how much I saved. Needless to say, I left there feeling like I received great value.

It also served as an important reminder of how we might want to remind our clients of the value they receive. For example, when we’re able to help a client with an 11th hour miracle do we document that in a friendly email to the client? And when I say “document” that, I simply mean shooting them an email telling them that you were able to make some special exceptions for them to honor their tight deadline.

Something like . . .


Wanted to get back to you with an answer regarding your deadline. As you know, we usually require a 7 day turnaround on our Widget 5000 product. I’m happy to report that after meeting with our production team, we can have them to you within your 48 hour deadline.

Also, since we value your business, we will be doing this without a rush charge. Thanks again for your business!

When you are able to do something no charge, do you just do it or do you put it on both the quote and the invoice as no charge? How about when you meet with your clients to review progress? Do you pull out your notes and remind them how you’ve been able to continually address the areas you both highlighted during your initial meeting? Bonus points if you ask them how they feel you’ve been addressing those areas. Do you generate reports that help document accomplishments, savings, revenue generation, milestones etc?

These are all ways for you to reinforce the value you provide your clients. They come with some additional benefits to you in future . . . If you find yourself ever having to defend your pricing, you could refresh their memory when it comes to your value (hard to argue with a forwarded sent message, report etc).

What if your contact, the one who knows all the cool things you’ve been doing is suddenly out of the picture one day? This documentation might just assist people in looking at all the cool things you do. And let’s face it . . . in the absence of people truly owning the value you provide, they will simply default to your price!


Previously posted on Paul Castain’s Sales Playbook, April 25, 2011

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