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My-Guy.com Is Coming

OEMs in our industry have largely fixed the most glaring issues associated with crummy supply chains. If you have found that your supply chain is not quite fixed, well, you should know what’s broken and how to repair it. If you are at the top of the heap, you know how to stay there. The operative word in all this is “you” … it’s your supply chain.

But, the customer service experience is largely out of your hands. It is in the dealer/distributor domain and all “you” can do is watch, influence, and reward.

Frustrating, isn’t it? You know exactly how to treat a service customer, you have incredible training resources, you have access to millions of dollars of reward funds. Yet, your guys still aren’t “my guys.”

Maybe you haven’t figured this one out yet. We are taking a stab at it. The first step is our launching of my-guy.com, which is targeted at dealer service managers and service advisors in North America. It has one purpose: education. It is a Swiss army knife for dealer service managers and service advisors. Like Consumer Reports, it has no brand affiliation.

My-guy.com will put research into the hands of the people who matter – your service department professionals. The top-down approach hasn’t worked; it’s time for us to try a bottom-up approach. Regular updates will spoon feed key messages to this group.

Here’s what’s planned: we’ll share dealer best practices as they relate to market share, clips from dozens of focus groups will highlight the voice of the customer, there will be tips from top-performing dealers across the country, and a weekly blog will take a deeper dive into our research to synthesize all of our findings. With an objective eye, we will regularly review technology and tools available to dealer service professionals. All of this will be supplemented by over seven years of research. This content will not only inform your dealers, but also recommend ways to implement change.

More importantly, my-guy.com will serve as a dynamic community for dealer service departments. This website’s real strength will be the involvement of your guys. “Get Involved” – you’ll see that phrase plastered all over the site. Your service departments will be able to submit successes and failures to us, ask questions about the program, discuss with each other on a forum, take surveys, interact through social media, and even see the latest automotive news. We will then funnel that collective knowledge back to their peers. Their participation will influence and evolve the site. Your dealers have a wealth of knowledge out there. So do we. It’s time to share it.
The Bottom Line: There has never been a central knowledgebase and community for service professionals. Well, it’s coming. Look for my-guy.com to launch in mid-December.


Originally posted on Spare Thoughts by Carlisle & Company, November 29, 2012


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