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Increase Appointment Show Rates with your Cell Phone

I-Phones, Droids, Blackberry’s, etc., most everybody has one, so do your sales people.  Rather than discourage the use of their cell phone during work hours as most are texting or making personal calls with them, re-direct their cell phone time and incorporate it as a useful tool to encourage customers to make or show for a sales appointment.

Still true today, when the “page” or call for a salesperson to pick up an incoming sales call, our salespeople run to it knowing that those customers who make that call into the dealership are as hot as hot prospect can be.  With that in mind, we also know that training and skill is important to move the customer from interested call to face to face appointment.  Unfortunately not all salespeople possess the skills or confidence to schedule the appointment from an inbound call.

Some salespeople have taken to using their multi-media phones as a way to offer something others do not, a short “walk-around” presentation of the actual vehicle the customer referred to during the call.  A salesperson will ask the customer for his / her email address and offer to send a short video of the actual vehicle to his/her phone or email.

The salesperson, using the video on his phone will conduct a short walk-around highlighting the best points of the vehicle while describing what the customer will see then forwards the video to the customer.  The customer watches the video and has a better perspective of what is being offered and increases the chances of actually making or keeping the appointment, not just because of the interest in the vehicle but because of the effort, professionalism and use of technology the salesperson displayed.

Not many are using their phones for this purpose, would it be something that would distinguish you or your dealership from the competition?  Maybe, would it hurt to try?  Probably not.

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