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How's your spring business?

Here we go again, last year was bad (industry) and many dealers, finally we have arrived at the spring and summer months when vehicle sales historically promise an increase in traffic, sales and profits.  All better right?  Probably wrong.  What’s the difference from last spring or the previous 20 springs?  Probably nothing!  Are you looking to take advantage now of the spring and summer months? Of course.  We have always said that the wintertime is when we will change, train, improve our process because business is slower and permits us to do so, does this make sense?  I don’t think so.  Your best opportunity to  make these changes is now when business is “better”.  Why?  Becausebusiness is “better”.  What I mean is your staff is more engaged, upbeat and open to improvement because they are on the same basic wavelength as spring and summer is their opportunity to make more money, there attitudes are better.  Managers can rationalize that they are too busy, it’s not true.  When business is slow, your staff generally works harder, flying under the radar and avoiding the boss, obviously not effectively producing more customers and sales. Managers and others become more stressed when business is slow and fall into survival mode as do your salespeople and others.  This time of year should be the time where extra time and effort is allocated for improvement so we can tranistion into fall and winter with productive salespeople, advisors, techs and managers who have learned and developed successful, consistent processes that become habit and lead to a profitable fall and winter resulting in higher grosses, volume, clean inventories and more customers.  Our business, being a retail business operates 12 months a year, not five.  Is it time you change this culture?  I think so, otherwise in mid-august you will be wishing again that spring can’t get here soon enough.

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