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Do You Punish Your Clients?

A few months ago, my wife and I ditched our cable service.

I could bore you with all the individual reasons but it really came down to the fact that we felt like we were being overcharged and not listened to.

Sound familiar?

Approximately 90 days after we left they sent in the “We want you back as a customer” dudette and guess what she offered?

She offered a much lower rate and she was suddenly ready to listen!

Time Out . . . Several months before we left we asked them how we could lower our cable bill. We didn’t demand that they lower our bill. We asked them what we would need to do to lower our bill. Things like ditching movie channels as well as a few hundred of the other channels that I’m confident contributed to the high bill.

They had lousy answers back then and their hands were tied.

Let’s get back to the “We want ya back” dudette.

She offered all kinds of free channels for the first 90 days or so and . . .

This part burns my hiney  . . .

To pay all our penalty fees for cancelling with the new company.

Painfully, “Sales 101ish” moment in 3,2,1 . . .

Wouldn’t it have been less expensive & easier to just do the right thing when we were their customer?

The problem runs deeper than that because I believe this mentality punishes their customers.


Because you get a better deal when you aren’t their customer!

This mentality has another ugly face to it.

Don’t we punish our clients and especially early adopters of our product or service when we discount because we need to move product?

In essence we’ve said “Thanks for your business. You get to pay full price for buying too early while these other people get the better deal because we’re desperate now”

Just out of curiosity, how do you feel when you discover that the potential customer gets a better deal than you the customer?

Does it make you feel warm and fuzzy when they suddenly give a damn after the break up?

I hope that people who read this who are in a buying position don’t reward this type of behavior by cancelling their new vendor, new service etc to go back to the other company . . .

Who only gets it right when the buyer walks!

In those moments we now punish those who got it right without you having to leave.


Originally posted on Your Sales Playbook, by Paul Castain on Ocotber 2nd, 2011

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