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Are Your Policies Customer Friendly?

I needed to slow down the other day and was able to slip away from the world headquarters of Castain Training Systems to have lunch with my wife.

We decided on a Greek place a bit out of the way, but a great place nonetheless.

As usual, the food and the service were fantastic, I thought it was a tad pricey, but felt still felt content, until . . .

I went to pay with my charge card and they told me (word for word) “We don’t accept charge cards. We’re a cash business”

Luckily, I had cash on me otherwise I would have left my wife for collateral which would have served them right for the dickey attitude.

Please hang in there for the lesson because its about to take on a tone of me venting about a Greek place.

I can tell you that I won’t go back there. It was out of my way to begin with, there are a million other places to eat in my neighborhood and they all take charge cards.

They really weren’t that good for me to have to stop by an ATM every time I want to eat there!

Sounds rather juvenile of me but I have no need to carry cash, nor do I want to, because I have this crazy habit of spending what’s in my pocket. Go figure!

As a business owner who is about to accept charge cards, I can relate and hate having to give up a percentage to make it easier for my clients, but that’s not their problem.

But wait . . .  there’s a much bigger point . . .

From time to time, ALL of us are guilty of policies that serve us, but not our customers!

Here’s a fun exercise . . .

Mentally fire yourself from your company and then rehire yourself as your customer.

Take a look at every customer touch point (as your customer) and make sure that they can’t say “Well that sucks” at any point of that journey.

If they can, you have a choice . . .

Make it customer friendly or

Run the risk of people taking their business up the street.

As good as we’d like to think we are that customers will put up with it, perhaps they are only putting up with it long enough for someone else to sweep them off their feet!

Business, just like life, is about sacrifices. I would rather be inconvenienced by something that makes my client’s life easier than inconvenienced by losing business to a competitor who understands my client’s needs better than I do.

Originally posted by Paul Castain, Your Sales Playbook

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