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3.5 Reasons To Email During The Holidays

Not a bad idea for your Sales Consultants to consider…….

So next week is Thanksgiving here in the states and the perfect time for you to get some emails out to your prospects (Ideally Wednesday and Friday)

Here’s why

1)    It’s a peak vacation week. What happens when you email someone who is on vacation dude? Gold star if you said “You get one of those out of office responses”! Those whacky messages can contain gold for you.

Things like:

  • Their direct line
  • A cell phone number
  • Social Media contact info (in their auto signature)
  • Someone else to contact who might be (get this) a higher level decision maker.
  • Info that you could leverage. Like the fact that they are on vacation, perhaps something funny, going for their Thanksgiving back waxing (I’m still holding out for that one what can I say)

2)    People tend to get a little friendlier, a little more festive and a little more human this time of year. Maybe you’ll catch them during one of those moments. To that end, a phone call might not be so bad too. Just sayin.

3)    A high percentage of your competitors are mentally checked out which means less noise and a higher probability for you to navigate through. Psst . . . also a way cool time to outwork them!

3.5)       If you are checked out and your competitor isn’t, they might just come eat your lunch!

So there you have it, 3.5 reasons for you to consider email next week and while you’re at it, keeps this strategy in your sales playbook for any time of year where we enter into peak vacation time.

By Paul Castain on November 18, 2010 – read more from his Sales Playbook.

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