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I was recently looking for a locksmith, so I turned to my usual online review site, Yelp, for advice. I typed “locksmith” near “Boston, MA” into the search, and the 2nd result had five stars based on 83 results (78 five-star reviews, five four-star reviews).

Hmm, this looks like it could be a good choice.

I clicked on the link for this locksmith, Star Locksmith in Brighton, and began to read through the reviews when the review below caught my eye. After spending the last 3 months researching “MyGuy” and what providers can do to create a “MyGuy” experience, I was surprised to find a review for a locksmith from 2010 that could sum it up so succinctly.

“He’s quick, courteous, professional, and inexpensive…add this to the list of people I will forever call ‘my guy’…’Hey you need a locksmith? You should call my guy.’”

In our last MyGuy Update blog on July 12th, we told you about the top 26 aspects that automotive service customers value the most.  We took to Yelp and other online review websites to see how well the 25 participating dealership service departments are rated on these aspects by their customers. Nine of the dealer service departments did not “exceed expectations” in any of the top six aspects. Only four dealers “exceeded expectations” in three or more of the aspects that matter most to consumers.

Of the top six aspects we ranked the service departments on, this locksmith would “exceed expectations” on all of them (or the equivalent, as it applies to a locksmith’s services), based on online reviews alone. He lets you know when he will be arriving later than scheduled (and many customers report that he arrived early, after calling to make sure it was okay), charges reasonable rates compared to other local providers (especially for simple/quick repairs), and accurately informs customers of the total cost before beginning work (often charging less than his estimate in the end). No one complained about the work being done incorrectly, he clearly has a great reputation based on 78 five-star reviews (and no reviews less than four stars), and offered same day appointments to most customers, even when it wasn’t an emergency and required a night or weekend visit.

And after doing all these things, this locksmith is enjoying the reinforcing cycle of potential customers reading his great reviews, using his service, and posting their own glowing reviews about how they found him on Yelp. He is being called “My Guy” and the person they would recommend to any friends who need the service of a locksmith. He has more reviews on Yelp than all but one of the dealerships we researched (the median number of reviews for dealerships is just seven reviews and the dealership reviews includethe sales department). Only one dealer has a higher score than this locksmith, but they have a single five-star review. That’s it.

“Has a Great Reputation with Other Customers” is the 5th most important aspect to consumers as they choose a service provider. “Has Positive Reviews on the Internet” is only number 23. But if it’s your online review writers who are telling their friends, “Hey you need a locksmith? You should call my guy.” then we should be devoting more time to our online reputations while taking care of the customers the way they want to be treated.


Originally posted by Charlotte Williamson on Carlisle Spare Thoughts, August 24, 2012

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