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Social Media Demographics

Docstoc and the Pew Research Center put together an interesting infographic that explores who is using social media and in what capacity (see the infographic and full article here). While reviewing the results, I recognized some obvious areas of opportunity: It appears that Hispanics use social media more than any other race, yet dealerships rarely focus their social media efforts on this demographic; Women predominantly use Pinterest but, as previously mentioned, this is evidently an advanced medium for dealerships.

But this infographic got me thinking more about online strategies in general. More often than not, content is blindly thrown onto the web without a targeted game plan. All communications, especially advertising material, should be published with a specific customer in mind. We have more insight into our customer base than ever before, with endless opportunities to segment our message to a very specific group. Now is the time to captialize on this opportunity because, luckily for you, very few of your competitors are doing this well….


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