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Keyword Research for Car Dealerships

Keyword research for car dealerships should not be as complex as many make it out to be. This is not made complex because many dealers are still on the fence about “this internet thing” (though this obviously doesn’t help). Too often we see dealers, GMs and managers that are entirely absorbed in their dealership, a world that is completely irrelevant to the minds of the customer. Dealers have a very difficult time imagining how a customer decides to buy a vehicle and why they act as they do, mainly because they have not had to deal with this hassle for many years, if ever!

Some of our stores have started holding informal research sessions with their receptionists, office personnel, technicians, shuttle drivers, and anyone else that can spare 20 minutes of their time (perhaps with a free lunch as a bribe). During this time, the non-management staff members will “shop” on the internet for a vehicle, using whatever searches and websites they may find useful. You will be amazed at how much can be gleaned from these quick sessions, especially in terms of keyword research. You may never be able to explain why Shelley searched for “prettiest minivan” or what exactly Kevin was looking for when he Googled “reliable beater”.

What you will find is plenty of places to start considering with your dealership’s digital marketing strategy. The more diverse and honest your sample set the better. And if you turn it into a pizza lunch, you may just get folks lined up to help you better approach consumers that are just like them!



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