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How does your dealership website compare?

A recent Autoweek¬†article provides an interesting look into OEM websites from the mid to late 90s and I was honestly somewhat impressed by some of the examples. I have seen plenty of current dealership websites that are less appealing and likely provide poorer customer experience than these. With the advancements in website design and functionality, it is dangerous to keep an outdated website online. This is the new showroom and it should be¬†a major focus of your store’s marketing plan. The longer you wait to update your online image, the more behind the times you will appear. But on the bright side, maybe you will get some publicity like these old sites are getting!


North Korea has a better website than you

North Korea has a better website than you and they don’t even have the internet


If you are curious, here is the address for the North Korea website: http://www.korea-dpr.com/

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