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Digital Dealer Overview – Online Commercials

Next up on the Digital Dealer meeting recap, AJ LeBlanc of Car-Mercial offered some insight into different video strategies that are available for web-based marketing. For the amount of time I spend chastising dealers for spending money of “traditional media”, this may be a breath of fresh air. With Pre-Roll Video (or just general web-based video), you get to see your beautiful face on a screen and shots of your dealership and plenty of flags and cars and happy customers. What’s not to like? All kidding aside, this is a quickly growing practice and many stores have seen great success with pre-roll.

When you want to watch a clip or video online, you will often have to watch a quick advertisement beforehand. This is a pre-roll ad and the benefits of using these are many: Tracking is far more in-depth and cost is far lower than traditional television spots, videos can be used in specific markets or through specific websites, you can focus on click through rate rather than views in order to determine which videos work (average CTR is 0.73%), and much more that I’m sure LeBlanc would be happy to go over with you. Here are some best practices that were pointed out for pre-roll videos:

• Use geo targeting on local affiliates of popular national websites;

• Push ad message over and over (similar to TV ad) to saturate target message;

• The cusomter won’t click first or second time, so you have to keep frequency high;

• Use high-quality professional videos with a strong call to action;

• Include a “Click here” button so people at work don’t have to hear the call to action;

• Use auto-intenders, retargeting, zip code targeting, behavioral demographics, Youtube research tools, etc.

You can also use video as an SEO conquest medium, allowing your site to shoot up the ranking for long-tail keywords. LeBlanc noted a Google study from 2012 which showed that customers do 11 hours of research – and what better way to research during these 11 hours than to watch videos? The idea is to utilize Youtube, which indexes very well with Google compared to your site, and go after competitors’ customers with targeted video. The example that he used was for someone searching for Toyota Camry and a video for Camry vs. Accord coming up near the top of the list. This is possible with strategically tagged video: Focus on one topic per video, include your phone number in the description and url for mobile search, include location and dealership name in tags (and limit tags to 10), and run on Daily motion, Meta café, and other video sharing sites, not just Youtube. Since I have been told over and over again that “Google loves video”, this seems to be a logical way to increase your online presence.



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