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Digital Dealer Overview – Avinash! Pt. 4

After a brief hiatus, I am ready to conclude my recap of Avinash Kaushik’s keynote speech and get on to other exciting subjects that were covered at last month’s Digital Dealer conference. But before I do that, I will point out that Kaushik is a partner with Market Motive, which provides online education on digital marketing. I have never met any of the faculty that run this program, but I have been very impressed with it and highly recommend someone is your dealership taking part. It’s affordable and will give you insight into the areas that you need to be tracking to ensure you are getting the most from your online efforts. Also recognize that your dealership’s data may not be available to you from your underhanded website provider.…

To conclude my points on Kaushik’s session, it will be far easier to simply list them out:

• Social media is worthless if people are not interacting with you. No matter how many Facebook posts or tweets you put up each day, without interaction you are not accomplishing anything (and possibly doing harm). He pointed to Castle Chevrolet as an example of a successful Facebook page; I agree since I don’t often see “likes” in the thousands, much less >30,000. Kaushik recommends tracking Conversation Rate [# of comments/replies per post], Amplification Rate [# of shares/retweets per post], Applause Rate [# of likes/favorites/+1s per post], and Economic Vale [acquired from micro conversions, as previously discussed]. You can read about all of these social media performance metrics in more detail on his blog.

• You should have a Google Plus page for many reasons, the most tangible of which is the free banner that you will get on Google Search. This is a spot that Google reserves for your business information provided – no advertising will be put here.

Google Plus banner

• Videos are huge and he was especially impressed with Rosenthal Auto Group’s Youtube efforts. They just celebrated their 10 millionth view, so obviously something is going right.

• You should include a survey on your website – Kaushik’s blog has a simple two question survey that shows up in the bottom right corner. It simply asks if you found what you wanted and if the site was useful. If you answer “no” to either, it offers a text box to give suggestions. Great idea, might learn something about your customer base…

• Once you have mastered the basics, there are some pretty neat tools to use including the Multi-Channel Conversion Visualizer [free in Google Adwords), Chord Diagram Analysis [which channels deserve the credit for conversions], Sunburst Diagram [how many people converted right away vs. later], and many more. He recommended a website that provides really interesting visual representations of your data, none of which make much sense to me but I’m sure they are really valuable when focusing on your diverse and extensive digital presence.

• His final point was that the sky is limit – the internet and its opportunities are changing at an alarming rate, which has the tendency to level the field in the long run. The key is that you start learning the basics, know what to track in order to succeed, and partner with solid vendors if you don’t have the capacity for in-house specialists (which very few stores have at this time). Kaushik recommends failing fast in order to isolate what works well for you, but in order to fail you have to try!


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