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Digital Dealer Overivew – Potratz

The next session that I attended was led by Paul Potratz and covered many areas of digital marketing and social media opportunity that were covered elsewhere. Perhaps the most interesting note on this session was the drastic difference between Potratz and A.J. LeBlanc (the previous speaker). Both sessions were in the same room and both were packed with an eager audience. However, there was a significant difference in “energy” between the two presenters. Potratz is extremely active (hyperactive might be a better term) while LeBlanc seemed that he might have been feeling under the weather he was so reserved. They were at opposite sides of the spectrum of acceptable presenter verve. Regardless, Potratz was not all flash; there was plenty of good discussion, though I think it would be interesting to see someone else present the same material. He has certain flair in front of a group that makes you remember him, not necessarily for what he says but how he says it.

Potratz’s main point, which was echoed at other times during the conference, was that your website should be focused on the customers that are not ready to buy a car right now. He made an important distinction between customers who need to buy a car and customers who want to buy a car. After a little contemplation, I am glad that I didn’t have more notes on what he meant when he said that. There is a world of difference between these two customers and there are far more “wanters” than “needers”. By providing all of the information that someone contemplating a vehicle purchase may want (“be an authority for information”), you can increase your exposure dramatically. One thing he shied away from was dealership reviews, which he said were only read by 9% of customers. I am not sure where that number came from (nor am I sure that I agree to ignore store reviews), but he was far more focused on vehicle reviews instead.

Potratz also emphasized the need for properly run social media programs and creating content. He strongly advocated video and was convinced that potential customers will watch any relevant video, no matter how long it is. He recommended doing taping walkarounds and test drives on every vehicle including every minor detail since you don’t know what will be the point that will sell them. He also suggested asking for a video testimonial from each customer to fill your website, blog, Facebook, etc. And on Facebook, evidently Potratz is very impressed with Power Editor since it can let you build such specifically targeted campaigns on a platform that has incredible reach (71% according to some study that I am sure is very accurate).




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