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Auto Response Email

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so why do so many dealerships use a default auto response email for internet leads? When a customer sends in leads to multiple stores, they will often get the same exact message from every store – “Thanks for your interest, we’ll get back to you soon”. Why not make the effort to separate yourself from the competition right off the bat and give a quick sales pitch? There is so much valuable information that could be included here! For example:

Value proposition: Why would someone buy from you rather than your competition? If you can’t immediately sum that up in a tidy little sentence, than you probably don’t know the answer to this all-important question. And if you don’t know your value proposition off-hand, guess who else doesn’t know it…

Customer reviews: An auto-response is a great place to load a link to your reviews, assuming they are reviews that you want potential customers to see. The more you can get your advocates in front of your prospectives, the better.

Industry articles: Providing links to independent sources promoting your product will emphasize your pride in the brand you sell and give the customer more reasons to stop their search and stick with you.

Vehicle Brochures: Giving your customer something pretty to look at may delay their search long enough for you to reach out personally!

Coupons: Include a gas card for taking a test drive or coming in for an appraisal, a free oil change to experience the benefits of your store, or a discount off accessories with vehicle purchase.

Other Links: If you have a robust blog or videos online, or if you have a particular resource that you send customers to for pricing, vehicle comparison, etc., include some links in your response. That customer may very well be in the discovery process and any helpful information you give them will be remembered.

It won't take him long to get to your competitor's site

It won’t take him long to get to your competitor’s site

Obviously there are plenty of other things worth including and not everything should be included. If nothing else, recognize that the auto-response you send out will be your first impression and word it in your own voice. Don’t let someone else determine your first communication with a customer!




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