Consept 20 Groups

20 Groups Redefined

Consept 20 Group members agree to put their operation under a microscope by sharing financial data each month. Led by a trained moderator and using the Consept Composite to guide the agenda, groups will discuss their successes and failures, pushing each other to constantly improve. Meetings discussions will cover best practices, missed opportunities, business management strategies, effective organizational processes, financial stability and much more.

“I can unequivocally say that Consept’s expertise, leadership, facilitation and meeting format is the best I have ever seen. I leave every one of our meetings with pages of ideas that lead directly to improved and measurable bottom line results.”
– Mike Trotman, President & CEO of the Trotman Automotive Group

More than any other 20 Groups provider, we customize our offering to match our clients’ needs. We offer live meetings, web meetings, workshops, in-house training, internet-specific discussions, webinars and goal monitoring sessions, depending on the needs of each group. However, one thing that is consistent in each offering is our commitment to improving your bottom line and preparing you for the market of tomorrow. We will give frank appraisals of your weaknesses and opportunities, and push you to adapt your strategies to better capitalize on your potential.