Sales Training

A Regular Practice in Profitable Dealerships

Your sales personnel oversee a massive enterprise with revenues that likely rival the largest retail operations in your area. They should be trained to not only close the deal, but work the deal properly from start to finish. With our Sales Training, your management team and sales staff will represent your store with consistency and enthusiasm. Some of our areas of focus are:

  • Sales Process – Does your store have a sales process documented and readily available? If so, how closely does your sales staff follow it? We build customized, powerful processes and provide implementation strategies and support.
  • Internet Lead Management – With the majority of your customers starting their research online, you need to be prepared to communicate digitally. We can make sure you utilize all channels and manage your leads effectively.
  • F&I Excellence – The Business Office is often the biggest opportunity for improving your Variable profitability and we can drive your PRU through the roof! We cover areas such as menu presentations, cash conversion, role playing, and selling benefits.
  • Inventory Management – Do you stock inventory based on facts or emotions? Too often the complexity of this daily task is overlooked, costing you thousands. We can train your management team to use post-sales analysis, monitor month supply, and recognize the massive investment required to bring in inventory.
  • Prospecting and Database Management – Salespeople need to be on the phone and computer, reaching out to potential customers every day. Management needs to play an active part in this process as well. How clean is your database and how effectively are your salespeople using it?
  • Handling the Subprime Customer – The subprime market is coming back in a big way. While it can be a headache if poorly organized, this is too big of an opportunity to ignore. We can help you reach this customer, properly set up the deal, and get it sold!