Service and Parts Training

Fix your Fixed Operations

Service and Parts Training should be a regular scheduled event for service advisors and technicians, whether they are new hires or seasoned veterans. Our trainers have decades of experience training at every level of Fixed Operations. We have worked with over 8500 technicians, advisors and managers and turned countless Fixed Operations from liabilities into sustainably profitable businesses. Sessions can be run in your store or online, and each offering will be customized to focus on your needs and opportunities. Consept trainers are in high demand so don’t miss your chance to turn things around – contact us today to take the first step towards success!

  • Service Advisor Sales TrainingThis position generates more gross and sees more customers than anyone else in your dealership, yet their training and development is often overlooked. We will get your advisors thinking like the best salespeople, treating each customer with professionalism and consistency. Moreover, they will learn how to utilize the maintenance schedule, service menu, DMS, and other tools at their disposal. There is nowhere in the dealership that will show a higher return on your investment than training this integral employee, and you won’t find more effective trainers on the market!
  • Maintenance Schedule and Menu Development With the maintenance schedule and service menu guiding every interaction with the customer, a service advisor has the support and direction they need to increase sales without writing another repair order. However, these valuable tools must be structured properly from the beginning if you expect them to be effective. We can customize professional sales materials for your service department and make sure that advisors are using them properly to get the most out of every visit.
  • Variable Labor Rates – Your door rate is a dream rate. Properly pricing your different labor operations to market is a fundamental strategy for increasing Effective Labor Rate and gross margins. Consept trainers will build confidence in variable labor rates through competitive price surveys, and teach your advisors to properly sell the job without using price as a crutch.
  • Lateral Support Team System – Implementing a team system into your service department increases accountability and motivation. Rather than answering to the boss, technicians have to answer to each other, building comraderie and demanding buy-in. After a visit from our trainers, your management team will be left with a driven group of technicians and much more free time to focus elsewhere!
  • Pay Plan Development – Your pay plan is your job description and all plans should be designed to maximize dealership and employee profitability. When we develop a pay plan, everyone’s incentives are aligned and your productive personnel will be rewarded only when they are driving overall profitability.
  • Customer Retention and Satisfaction – How well are you retaining your customers? With Warranty volume dropping and retail competition as robust as ever, we can help you build advocate through concrete process management. This is an especially important step in selling that customer their next vehicle as well.
  • Multi-Level Parts Pricing – Too many dealerships leave money on the table, resulting in tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in missed revenue each year. Just like salespeople and service advisors, parts managers and counterpeople need to learn to ignore price as a selling point. By teaching lessons in general retail pricing, as well as insights into dealer-specific issues, Consept’s trainers can help pick up thousands each month.