20 Groups

Not your Grandfather's Group

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Where the 20 Group magic happens!

Our Traditional 20-Groups generally meet three times a year, with department managers attending alongside Dealer and GMs. Meetings are held in practical locations to take full advantage of your valuable time and members are expected to get to work for intense two-day sessions. The amount of information that can be transmitted and the level of accountability and buy-in achieved during these live meetings are invaluable. Moreover, the connections that you will make at these meetings will give you a network of dedicated professionals that will provide constant support inside and outside of meetings.

“As Chairman of one of the oldest and most influential 20 Groups in the USA, when our longtime moderator retired after 35 years of dedicated service, we wanted and needed the best experienced individual and support team to handle our group’s advanced business management needs. ConSept Corporation had big shoes to fill and they are doing just that. Thank you for making all of our dealers more profitable!” – Craig Ewald, President & CEO of the Ewald Automotive Group