In-House 20 Groups

Grow from Within

Consept In-House 20-Groups allow all of your stores to be in the same composite, working to improve together, regardless of the brands that you represent. Your moderator will travel to your home base, or wherever you choose to hold meetings, tailoring the offering to emphasize the areas that your company values most. Establishing firm processes, planning group wide promotions, providing management with financial training, and communicating group benchmarks and expectations are common efforts in these groups.

An invaluable aspect of the In-House 20 Group is your company’s ability to analyze dealership performance in the same book. The composite provides great insight into the strengths and weaknesses between stores, allowing for quick comparisons and easy analysis. We are also able to “mark up” the composite before sending it out each month, saving you time and providing professional insight into each store’s performance each month.