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When Performance is Measured, Performance Improves.

Keyword Research for Car Dealerships

Keyword research for car dealerships should not be as complex as many make it out to be. This is not made complex because many dealers are still on the fence about “this internet thing” (though this obviously doesn’t help). Too often we see dealers, GMs and managers that are entirely…

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After Service Delivery Process

An After Service Delivery Process (also known as an Active Delivery Process) can help tie your customers to the service department if properly structured and consistently utilized. Similar to the Sales to Service handoff, this is something that should be documented, trained and followed 100% of the time. There are…

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Sales to Service Handoff

The Sales to Service Handoff is a key moment in the customer retention cycle and should be a primary focus in your sales process. If your sales customers do not leave with a good idea that they will come back for at least the first service, you have likely lost…

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Service Managers should Learn from their Competition

In our 20-Group meetings, Service Managers often complain about the competition that comes from independent and coporate shops as if customers are simply mistaken when they choose to get basic service done outside the dealership. Whether this is an issue of profound elitism or just poor self-realization on their part,…

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