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When Performance is Measured, Performance Improves.

Digital Dealer Overview – Generational Recruiting

I am finally at the last recap from the Digital Dealer Conference; it was indeed an eye-opening event but some of the luster has worn off in the months since I attended. Perhaps the most tangible benefit that the conference offered was that it got me reading Avinash Kaushik’s blog,…

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Digital Dealer Overview – Email Leads

In one of my most anticipated presentations at the Digital Dealer Conference, Michael Carrigan of Don’t Hit Send talked about building relationships through e-mail. This is a subject that I find very interesting since I have seen how poorly dealerships deal with internet leads through mystery shops. And despite promoting…

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Digital Dealer Overview – Mark Schaefer

The final day of sessions at the Digital Dealer Conference started with a presentation from Mark Schaefer, a marketing guru. Similar to many other sessions, Schaefer focused on the need to manage your online presence with the understanding that you are nurturing customers’ needs over an extended period. Whether you…

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Digital Dealer Overivew – Potratz

The next session that I attended was led by Paul Potratz and covered many areas of digital marketing and social media opportunity that were covered elsewhere. Perhaps the most interesting note on this session was the drastic difference between Potratz and A.J. LeBlanc (the previous speaker). Both sessions were in…

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