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When Performance is Measured, Performance Improves.

Digital Dealer Overview – Online Commercials

Next up on the Digital Dealer meeting recap, AJ LeBlanc of Car-Mercial offered some insight into different video strategies that are available for web-based marketing. For the amount of time I spend chastising dealers for spending money of “traditional media”, this may be a breath of fresh air. With Pre-Roll…

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Sonic’s new style

In catching up on some of my industry reading, I came across a very interesting article regarding Sonic Automotive Group’s updated sales process. Basically, the group is hooking all of their salespeople up with iPads that have specialized software allowing the salesperson to work with the customer from introduction to delivery. No more Business Managers! “Transactions will be paperless…

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Digital Dealer Overview – Big Data, Small Data

Jim Flint of Local Search Group led a session that was supposedly focused on “turning big data into small data to achieve improved digital sales operations”. This sounds right up my alley since a 20-Group moderator spends most of their time analyzing data to drive profitability. Unfortunately the session had…

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Digital Dealer Overview – Avinash! Pt. 4

After a brief hiatus, I am ready to conclude my recap of Avinash Kaushik’s keynote speech and get on to other exciting subjects that were covered at last month’s Digital Dealer conference. But before I do that, I will point out that Kaushik is a partner with Market Motive, which…

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Digital Dealer Overview – Avinash! Pt. 3

Continued summary of Avinash Kaushik’s Digital Dealer presentation. The third point that AK discussed was that of Value, referring to economic value, not some intangible definition of value that we so often try (and sometimes succeed) to create. I mentioned the analytical tools that he uses in a previous post;…

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Dealership Blog Material – Drip Pan Magnet Board

Taking a quick break from the Digital Dealer recaps to pass on some dealership blog material (obviously this would also be great for Facebook or, if you are really advanced, Pinterest), courtesy of my lovely wife. Drawing from her experience as an elementary school teacher, she is always looking for…

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Digital Dealer Overview – Avinash! Pt. 2

This is the second of many posts on the Day 2 keynote speech at Digital Dealer: After introducing the inevitable shift from traditional advertising to digital advertising, Avinash Kaushik went into the need for a positive and unique customer experience. This was wildly entertaining as he specifically pointed to the incompetence of…

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