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When Performance is Measured, Performance Improves.

Digital Dealer Overview – Avinash! Pt. 1

The keynote speaker for Day 2 of the Digital Dealer Conference was Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist and a well-known author and public speaker. For me, Kaushik’s was easily the most exciting and inspirational presentation of the conference. He clearly pinpointed the auto industry’s shortcomings in digital marketing with…

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Digital Dealer #7 – Yelp Reviews

My next Digital Dealer presentation was led by Darnell Holloway of Yelp and covered some Yelp-specific opportunities in online reviews. As this is a topic I cover often in 20 Group meetings, I was hoping to get some insight into how stores can better leverage positive reviews. Yet the thing…

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Digital Dealer #6, Fixed Ops Digital Marketing #2

To start off my second day at the Digital Dealer Conference, I hoped for Tim McClain of Netsertive to give me insight into service digital marketing. And while I got far more value than my first attempt in this area, there were less real world examples than I was hoping…

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Digital Dealer Keynote Pt. 2

Picking up where I left off – Jay Baer’s keynote at Digital Dealer 2013: The second half of Baer’s session on social media for car dealerships went in depth into his mantra of “Youtility”. Essentially, he explained how a car dealership (or any other enterprise) can build value with their online presence…

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Digital Dealer Keynote w/ Jay Baer, Pt. 1

The final presentation on Day 1 of the Digital Dealer Conference featured Jay Baer, a marketing author and speaker. Baer offered some interesting insight into the shift in marketing that has occurred as a result of the internet. Growing up with the internet and having studied marketing, I assumed that…

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DD3 – Maximizing Automotive Digital Marketing ROI

The next session that I attended would have been great for many people, but I was not one of them. Don Reed of Dealer Pro started by cautioning dealerships from adopting a serious automotive digital marketing strategy without first assessing their organizational and foundational capacity. In other words, if you aren’t…

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Digital Dealer Overview #2 – Filling Customer’s Buckets

Ken Potter of True Car started his presentation with a quick and subtle pitch for his company, the only one he would give for the hour. He suggested that 10% is the average close rate across all leads, while 30% represents the average close rate for “successful” True Car dealers. I will…

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Digital Dealer Overview, Part 1

I just returned from the Digital Dealer Conference and have 38 pages of hand written notes (I was one of a handful of people handwriting notes – so many iPads). One thing that was beaten to death throughout the conference was the need for original content, so I have decided…

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